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Magnite CVT leads in style, technological innovation

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JOHANNESBURG – THE new Nissan Magnite CVT has set tongues wagging.

It is the perfect Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), boasting a five-seater line setup with sleek design that attracts the attention of other motorists and pedestrians.

Like other vehicles in the Nissan family, such as the new Navara and Qashqai, it possesses high technology innovation.

I am a big fan of technology. Whichever car I drive must offer this.

Technology always makes driving simple, secure and safe, hence the Magnite CVT is the perfect urban SUV deal.

Jammed with innovations that make driving experience more efficient, easier and more enjoyable, the Magnite CVT is available in automatic transmission and offered in different colours that suit customers.

It boasts the 360° birds-eye view of the driver’s surroundings with the best-in-class Around View Monitor.

The technology on the Magnite CVT brings ease to the driver…….they will be supplied with relevant information for safety features displayed on the 17.78 cm TFT display.

There is wireless connectivity to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Thus, no more cables. No more hassles. Be it for navigation or grooving on the go, stay wirelessly connected to the classy 8 full flush touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The interior of the Magnite CVT is designed around the driver giving the perfect mix of technology, quality finishes and space.

During a week-long test drive, one enjoys a seamless driving experience where communication becomes easier. The driver’s smartphone is linked to the car systems enabling the driver to take control of the sporty steering wheel.

The Magnite CVT provides the NissanConnect solution, which is the heart and soul of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

The 8-inch touch infotainment system puts a world of tech at drivers’ fingertips boasting built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabling passengers to enjoy seamless connectivity.

Apart from the Magnite’s innovation that attracts customers, the car comes with safety and security offerings that provide protection for both the driver and passengers on the car.

The safety features include Hill Start Assist, Traction Control system, SRS dual airbags for both driver and co-passenger.

Nissan’s unique Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system increases the all-new Magnite CVT’s stability, allowing the driver to have better control, especially in poor weather conditions coupled with Traction Control System that guarantees the vehicle avoids wheelspin in slippery and loose terrain.

The safety features enable the driver to fully take control of the car even on the most difficult terrains such as rough roads and sharp curves.

The Magnite also offers Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which helps improve the driver’s braking ability while maintaining control of the vehicle in an emergency.

The braking ability is made simple by Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), which guarantees safety and security – thus best security features making it a better and trusted car.

In these days of economic meltdown, where prices of everything have skyrocketed, the good news is the Magnite CVT offers fuel efficiency. With a 1.0L petrol engine, it does not consume much, making it the people’s preferred car brand, especially for the middle-income earners.

At some point, on the highway, I drove around 150 kemps, but the car remained steady.

Go road-tripping without stressing about where everything is going to fit as the 336 litres of boot space you can pack that little bit extra (and some) without a care in the world. The dynamic utility storage spaces means you can sit back and enjoy every journey with ease. The Magnite CVT will get you to any desired destination effortlessly.

Exhilarating HRA0 X-Tronic CVT
Be it bumper to bumper traffic or long & winding highways, the Nissan Magnite’s CVT provides refined power delivery for effortless, smooth and fun driving experiences. Also available in manual transmission for those who love to be in control.

Short Turning Radius
With a short Turning Radius of 5m in the Magnite CVT, get to experience quick and effortless turns.

Cruise Control
Experience a relaxed drive by taking your feet off the pedals. Simply hit the highway, switch to Cruise Control and let this SUV take over your driving worries.

The Magnite CVT design is not only eye-catching. The vehicle is functional and provides a spacious and comfortable interior.

It starts from R 227,900. I highly recommend this car for any driver seeking to purchase a vehicle for the purposes of style, performance and practicality.

The new Nissan Magnite delivers on its promises, making every drive a delightful experience.

– CAJ News

Magnite CVT leads in style, technological innovation Reviewed by on . by SAVIOUS KWINIKAJOHANNESBURG - THE new Nissan Magnite CVT has set tongues wagging. New Nissan Magnite. Phto by Savious-Parker Kwinika It is the perfect Sports by SAVIOUS KWINIKAJOHANNESBURG - THE new Nissan Magnite CVT has set tongues wagging. New Nissan Magnite. Phto by Savious-Parker Kwinika It is the perfect Sports Rating: 0
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